Custom Manufactured PTFE Back Up Rings for an Agricultural Application

When Western Consolidated Technologies was contracted to manufacture a series of back-up rings, our company was able to use a sequence of advanced machining processes to mass produce custom-built products that met with high client expectations. Using operations such as sintering, CNC Machining, turning and slicing, we were able to construct 42,800 back-up rings based upon a customer supplied, two-dimensional AutoCAD drawing.

Working with PTFE material, we first employed our advanced molding process to construct the general shape of the back-up rings, upholding a ±.002" precision tolerance and a shrinkage allowance of 2.4-3.0 percent. Then, we turn, bore and slice each ring to match client specifications. Each part measured 1.241" in outer diameter, 1.003" in inner diameter and was .050" thick.

After each part was formed, we placed our back-up rings through a series of evaluations, including zyglo testing, a non-destructive inspection that looks for surface cracks, to ensure quality production. We also tested the overall part dimensions using calipers and measuring pins. Through our advanced machining procedures, we were able to manufacture a mass number of custom-built back-up rings that met with high customer satisfaction.

PTFE Back Up Rings
PTFE Back Up Rings

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Custom Manufactured PTFE Back Up Rings Project Highlights

Product Description   These custom manufactured PTFE Back Up Rings are used in the agricultural Industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Custom Tooling
Equipment Used to Manufacture PTFE Back Up Rings   Micrometers
Measuring Pins
Overall PTFE Back Up Rings Dimensions  
1.241 in OD
1.003 in ID
.050 in Thick
Tightest Tolerances   ± 0.002
Shrinkage Allowance: 2.4-3.0%
Material Used   PTFE
  • Caliper/Measuring Pins
  • Measuring Pins
Zyglo Testing
Typical Operations  
  • CNC Molding of General Shape
  • Curing of Material
  • Turning of material to proper bore size
  • Slice Each Ring to Proper Thickness
  • Inspection
Quantity   42,800 Pieces
Industry for Use  
Heavy Equipment
Standards Met   Customer supplied print, 2D Auto CAD Drawing
Product Name   Back-Up Ring

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