About Western Consolidated Technologies

Western Consolidated Technologies Group has been in business for over 30 years. During that time we have continuously undergone changes to adapt to ever-changing market demands. However, we have never changed our focus on "Total Customer Satisfaction". Our commitment to on-going training and a multi-skilled labor force also contributes the success of WCT's flexible manufacturing concepts.

WCT stands ready to support your design efforts through troubleshooting a new design or recommending opportunities for improvement to an existing one. Our experience and expertise can improve the performance of your products. Our mission is "Total Customer Satisfaction". Contact us and let us show you what it means!

In today's global market, businesses that don't adapt won't survive. At WCT-Fremont, we are committed not only to survive, but also to be a market leader in the rubber and plastic industry. And we have developed market strategies and manufacturing techniques that will put us far ahead of our competition.

WCT-Fremont manufactures custom seals and bearings. Within our own plants, our sister plants, or through our strategic partners around the world, we can offer a full line of products including lathe-cut and extruded profiles, molded, formed precision machine and die-cut parts in a variety of standard and custom-compounded rubber, plastic, TPE and PTFE materials.

Whether it is a new design or a product improvement, the most significant gains come from custom fabricated components designed to meet the unique performance requirements of that specific application. We have built our expertise around the understanding that what drives a solution is the balance of functional performance and in-place costs. But behind all of our products are customer-driven business methods, which allow us to respond quickly and flexibly to unique or urgent needs.

This flexibility, coupled with our cross-functional team approach to total customer satisfaction, is what allows us to consistently exceed the performance of other organizations that rely on traditional "departmental" structures. The benefit of these organizational strategies is a faster time-to-market cycle and a higher first pass yield quality level. On the line, our "Adaptive Scheduling" philosophy keeps production scheduling flexible instead of creating bottlenecks by forcing a customer's order into an existing production scheme.


Our aim is to provide employees and associates with a work environment which will enhance their potential, personal development and job satisfaction to the fullest. This will enable the company to increase its ability to serve their clients in the areas of product development, productivity and profitability.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of the many services we provide is the reduction of components that make up a given assembly. Through the use of design teams that assist in value analysis and material utilization studies, you might say we specialize in shrinking assembly lines.

About Western Consolidated Technologies

WCT application engineers and customer teams integrate process capabilities with material technology, and have been for years. Our reputation among numerous industries was established by accepting unusual and demanding design specifications, and offering practical solutions.

We offer engineering expertise based on the understanding that the in-place costs involved with a component or assembly is what drives solutions. Whether it is a new product design or product improvement, significant gains can be found as assemblies are consolidated into fewer components and related assembly costs are minimized or even eliminated.

Let WCT assist you in reducing the width of your assembly line! This Web Site will provide you with an overview of our comprehensive, single source capabilities and application examples. Then contact us for details on how to put WCT to work on your next project.

Our President & CEO.